Vintage Camper RENTAL  FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions:


What makes Vintage Trailers so appealing and easy to tow?


There are many factors that make these trailers appealing but we believe the main three would be:

1. It needs to be under 2000 Lbs.

2. It needs to be small enough to fit in a single parking space.

3. It needs to be full of style and get attention wherever it goes.


What are the benefits of a vintage camper over conventional trailers and RV’s?


There are many reasons but here’s a quick list:

•Can be pulled with almost any vehicle! No need for big and costly pickups!

•Lightweight aluminum construction that is easy to maneuver.

•All the functions of home including, fridge, stove, sink, sleeps 4, closets, storage, music, heating/cooling, lighting, dining table, power, couch and more!

•Small enough to get into those “hard to reach places” (usually the best places)

•Easy on gas and therefore on your pocketbook, eco-friendly, solar powered and self-contained.

•They are head turning relics of our past.


What does it cost to rent your trailers?


Depending on the details of your trip, our rates vary from customer to customer. Give us a call and we can quote you an accurate price on your weekend.  We do require a $500 refundable cash or credit card deposit on all rentals. Please contact us for details and special packages we have available.


Can you deliver the trailer to the campsite for us?


We can deliver the trailer in our established service area to your camping destination and set it up no problem for an additional fee. Call us for specific drop off and pickup details. 



Is there a bathroom, toilet or shower?


Our trailers don’t have a bathroom. They are generally used for short weekend trips and most campgrounds have clean bathrooms with showers for use. We do have portable toilets and a portable shower we can provide with the rental. They must be thoroughly cleaned after use or you will lose your deposit.


Is there insurance on the trailers?


You must contact your insurance company and advise them you will be pulling a small single axle travel trailer prior to renting (under 2000 lbs.). There should be no extra cost. If there is an accident please contact the authorities, your insurance, and then VCR in that order. Depending on the situation we may be able to help you with towing or repair, please refer to the rental agreement. All our trailers are covered under AAA for towing.

How do you back up properly?

Backing up a trailer can be difficult, but it does get easier with experience. The best practice I find is to never put yourself in a situation where you have to back it up. This means parking farther out in parking lots, taking up tow spaces, and finding the “sweet spot” in every situation. If you do find yourself in a backing up situation, simple remember that right is now left and left is now right (opposite or normal backing up). Also be sure to use your mirrors and if possible have someone get out of the tow vehicle and assist you. Always take it slow and never take chances.

What does my vehicle need to pull one of your trailers?

You will need a vehicle with a trailer hitch, a 1 7/8” or 2" inch Ball and a four-pin connector for the lights. The hitch height is approximately 16” you will need a drop hitch if your hitch is too high. The easiest place to get a hitch installed is U-Haul or other hitch stores. Feel free to contact us for other options. We can always deliver the trailer for you eliminating the need for the hitch.

Is there anything on the road I should know when pulling the trailers?

There are many road precautions in pulling any trailer, but most are common sense:

•Take it slow and easy and follow the street signs.

•Take wide turns, remember you’re pulling a trailer and watch out for posts (especially at gas stations)

•Give yourself extra room for breaking!!! We can't stress this enough. The trailers are LIGHT which means you can forget that they are there back there.

•Take it easy on big hills, especially with smaller vehicles. In some cases you may need to downshift and use a little more gas and always watch your temperature gauge.

•Avoid big bumps, the trailers really bounce around and you don’t want things flying all over the place. Try to pack most things like liquids in your vehicle.

•Avoid parking where you have to back up if possible.

•Always check that your tail lights are working properly, your hitch is secured, and chains are correctly placed. Never take on difficult washboard roads. Keep the commute easy.

**When backing up into a campsite, always use a spotter to guide you in!

Can I bring my pet?

Sure!! We love furry animals. Just be sure to clean up after them and make sure they don’t tear up the trailer.

What is the maximum height clearance on the trailers?

The minimum clearance we allow for the trailers is 9.5’. The trailers height is about 8.5’ but you never know when someone forgets to close the roof vent. Always be careful. The trailers can sit quite higher then you vehicle, it’s always best to avoid anything that’s close to hitting the roof, this includes tree branches!

What is the weight of the trailers?

All our trailers are lightweight and weigh between 1700 – 2500 wet lbs.

How do I control the temperature inside?

Our trailers are old and we have tried our best to insulate and seal them up properly. They have plenty of windows and roof vents to allow for good airflow or a fan can be used on hot days when hooked into shore power. For heating we will provide instruction to run the propane Wave 6 heater. 

Where are the hooks ups located?

The power hook up is on the side of the trailer. Plug the 110v power plug into the campsite power, and you can use the provided extension cord if needed. We also have a solar panel to charge the deep cycle marine battery. We will brief you on these locations at rental time.

Are the trailers hard to clean?

The trailers are easy to clean but also get dirty FAST. It’s important to always keep it clean and organized inside or you will find yourself with a mess quick. With some good packing skills and organization keeping it clean is easy. Sweep the floors daily, wipe down the sink and food area, dust off pillows and cushions, and folding cloths is a must. 

How long will the battery last?

If you’re dry camping (disconnected from the grid) then you’re using the battery for your power. If you’re plugged into AC at the campsite there will be no problems. All of our vintage campers have solar power that charges a single marine battery. It will hold a charge and can power most things for your entire trip like lights, fans and phone chargers. Electronics that take more power will drain the battery FAST this includes stereos, laptops, snow cone machines and the like, please be careful of not draining the battery and use power sparingly when dry camping. If you drain the battery it is your responsibility to recharge it for the remainder of your trip.

If I run out of propane, what should I do?

We make sure that we provide you with propane before every rental, but it can run out. Just fill up the tank at the 100’s of service stations on the open road. PLEASE DON'T EXCHANGE OUR PROPANE TANKS AS THEY HAVE CUSTOM PAINT JOBS ON THEM. We will reimburse you for the expense no problem!

What other camping supplies can I have?

We can provide you with other standard camping items if needed for a nominal fee. (Usually $10-25 per item per trip) 10’ camping awning tent, propane BBQ, camping chairs, port-a-potty, outdoor carpet, beach supplies, blankets, coolers, and other supplies available on request. Call for details on what you need, we will get your supplies for you!

Looking forward to servicing you and your family!

Vintage Camper Rental




Please Camp safe and have fun!




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